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CL@SS project training of Slovenian teachers was held in the period from 17th to 24th of August 2016 in two different schools: School Centre Velenje, 17th and 18th of August, and Secondary School of Nursing Celje, 23th and 24th of August. The training session in each school lasted two days and teachers were active and engaged in the process of learning the new methodology.


During 16-17.06.2016 and 22-23.06.2016, at the Economical College of Mountainous Banat Resita, there were organized 3 training courses for teachers within Erasmus + CL@SS project. The trainers were three of the teachers from the school: Soreanu Loredana, Oana T─âtaru and Marius Cornici, who attended the training course organized in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

CEBM launched the invitation to participate in this course to all the teachers concerned.  The three training courses were attended by 43 teachers from different schools in Resita and they were organized into 3 different groups. The course was conducted over a period of 2 days for each group and focused on one of the project’s targeted social competences, „Competence for effective communication”. The participants consider that the training was very useful for their teaching activity and they think that this king of activities should be organized more often and for all the teachers. They consider that the activities carried out were very dynamic, intense, good organized and planned. Teachers were glad that they had the occasion to share own opinion and to participate during all the activities.

We thank all participants for their commitment and positive attitude they have shown during activities!

CL@SS project training of Bulgarian teachers was held in the period from 11th of June till 12th of July 2016. The training was conducted in three groups with teachers from three schools in Sofia – 137th Secondary School “Angel Kunchev”, 22nd Secondary School “G. S. Rakovski” and Second English Language School „Thomas Jefferson“.  The teachers participated with enthusiasm since they showed desire to develop new skills in their students. The trainers met the expectations of groups and the activities were held in an atmosphere of effective communication and positive emotions.


CL@SS project training of teachers in Turkey was held in the period May 16th to June 3rd. 51 secondary school teachers in different subject divided into 3 groups were involved in the activities.

6-days training of trainers for the project CL@SS was carried out in the period 4 to 9 April 2016 in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. The training was organized and conducted by qualified trainers of the Czech partner RPIC-ViP. It was attended by 12 selected trainees coming from Turkey, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria whose mission was to get acquainted with the methodology and to learn how to carry out trainings of teachers in their own countries as planned in the project. The train-the-trainers programme integrated theoretical and practical parts and its design followed the model of the transferred project methodology for teaching social skills. After passing through the full cycle of activities and discussing their purpose and logical sequence, the trainees were given the opportunity to practice in real their knowledge and skills and receive feedback on their performance. All participants were active and engaged in the process of discussion and interaction, contributing by sharing experience and creative ideas for the good working atmosphere and positive results achieved. Leisure time was also fully used to expand the common cultural knowledge and strengthening of good partnership and transnational relationships while visiting interesting places and sights in the city and the region. Full of energy and inspiration the newly trained trainers headed to their countries, where in June 2016 they will carry out training sessions with teachers from secondary schools to work with the methodology of teaching social skills.

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Celje youth center conducted several information meetings with teachers and trainers between 14 and 18 March 2016 as part of the Cl@SS project.

We have presented the aims and objectives of the project, trainings, activities and workshops that will be implemented during the project and the methodology of soft skills and its impact on learning and pupils. More than 100 participants attended the presentations.

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The first information meetings on the CL@SS project in Bulgaria were held on 21st and 28th of March 2016 in 22nd Secondary school “G.S. Rakovski” and in 137th Secondary school “Angel Kanchev”. Meetings were attended by more than 180 teachers, school counselors, assistant directors and the two school directors - Mrs. Emilia Mihaylova and Mr. Vladimir Mikov.

During the meetings, key experts from NMS presented the project objectives and the related activities for their realization. The focus was on the teachers' motivation for participation in the upcoming training activities and pilot testing of the methodology of the project.

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Esenler Secondary Vocational school (Esenler VET School) is the project partner from Istanbul. The school is cooperated with Esenler local education directorship which administrates 30 secondary schools and Marmara University Education Faculty, for improving project dissemination.  

METEGDER team presented the aims and objectives of the project, preparing presentations of trainings, activities and workshops that will be implemented during the project and the methodology of soft skills and its impact on learning and pupils. More than 100 participants attended the presentations.

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The first three information meetings about the CL@SS project in Romania were held on 5-th of February 2016, 18-th and 28-th of March 2016, in the Economical College of Mountainous Banat. The information meetings were attended by 107 teachers, school counselors, educational counselors, assistant directors and school directors from the partner school and from other local and regional schools.

During the meetings, the project team from the Economical College presented the project and its objectives, the activities of the project and the information about the training of trainers that will be organized in Ostrava, Czech Republic in April, 2016. The team also presented the opportunity of all teachers to participate at the training activities that will be organized by the trained teachers in the first year of the project, where will be presented the methodology of the CL@SS project.

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CL@SS kick-off partners meeting took place in Sofia, Bulgaria in the period 10 – 11 December 2015.

During the meeting all partners had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to plan in details all training activities, project administration, distribution of tasks, deadlines, channels of communication and dissemination. Partners from the Czech Republic presented training materials and methodology to be transferred.

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