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logo 137137th Secondary School was founded in 1957 as a primary school. In 1958/1959 school year it was united with 112th primary school and was named “Angel Kanchev”. In 1991/1992 school year 137th primary school changed its status and became a secondary school with intensive foreign languages learning. Every year the number of students enlarges and at the moment it is one of the leading schools in Lyulin district, Sofia. Currently, we have 1116 students divided into 3 levels – primary, secondary and high.

Our priorities are: foreign languages – English, German and Russian are taught at the school, starting from the 1st grade. ICT education is another field we focus on. We strongly believe that it will be very useful for our pupils’ future realization.

We also think that our students except of being knowledgeable should be capable. That is why our next step should be the social development through soft skills. We believe that this should be the following challenge not only for our students but also for our teachers.

The history and the traditions of 137th school are built by the everyday good job of teachers, working in it, and by the results and the realization of our students in different universities and the European labor market.

The success achieved so far is a result of continuous spirit of seeking new in education.

In 2008/2009 school year, some teachers in our school made approbation of the Bulgarian electronic educational product ENVISION / which was a graduation work of students from The Technical University in Sofia/.Our school hosts many information and training events with this product, already licensed by the Ministry of Education and implemented in over 600 schools in Bulgaria and abroad. After ENVISION, which became favorite for students and teachers, approbation followed – this was the implementation of another Bulgarian educational product - JUMPIDO.

Along with the implementation of these products as an active method in the classroom, we implemented three successful Comenius school partnerships, actively partnered in two regional partnerships, organized and conducted a study visit. 3 English teachers and one of the assistant principals won a grant for individual qualification in the program "Lifelong Learning". 5 teachers won a grant to participate in international eTwinning seminars. As a result of these projects the following things were done at school:

  • more than 40 European fairy tales were translated by teachers, taught and dramatized by students from the primary stage in English;
  • more than 100 presentations and videos were posted on the websites: http: // //;
  • within the classroom Skype meetings with pupils from partner schools are held in English and Russian.

The mobilities of listed projects allowed more than 36 teachers not only to see how the educational process is happening in other European countries, but also themselves to practice in classrooms of partner schools. The qualification exchange was linked with joint lessons of partners and guests in 137th school. There are more than 30 lessons, related to sharing of best practices in 137th school - https: //

Teachers, who show more interest and activity in the whole school life, have participated in more than one mobility. They have formed the main nucleus, working out the final project products – among them is the “Four C” Charter- a product of a project for Civil education with partners from the Canarias Islands-

The active teachers are the organizers and participants in numerous events for dissemination of the results and newly acquired skills. Seven of the reports and activities of the study visit, organized by us, summarize our achievements in these areas: ICT, language skills, entrepreneurship and best practices in the classroom.

To the accumulated skills we should add: an individual training in Leningrad of a teacher in Russian language funded by the Ministry of Education, prepared by 6 teachers participation of two student companies in the International Fair of Junior Achievement in Riga, the annual participation of the management team and teachers in the annual conferences of KLETT.
Partnership mobilities included more than 41 students.

To the experience of our organization we can add more than 15 eTwinnig projects , almost all - carriers of national and European quality mark.

In the style of management of the school stands recognition and emphasis not only on formal skills of the teaching staff, but also on developed competencies, received in a formal and informal way. Cooperation of generations and the exchange of ideas between them are highly stimulated.

To turn our teachers to the most appropriate qualification form, we conditionally divide them into groups, according to how they are involved in school life:

  • the group of "discoverers" (10-15%) – those teachers who themselves constantly seek forms for exchange of relevant professional information and apply it in the classroom;
  • the group of teachers who need to maintain their qualification - 40-45%;
  • the group of teachers who need support to express their professional achievements - 30%;
  • the group of young teachers, those with professional experience of 1- 5 years or returning after an extended leave - 10%.

When plans and selects the qualifications, to maintain a high level of competence of their teachers, 137th school management takes into consideration the opportunities for the participation of representatives from each of the above groups according to the needs that they have previously shared. It aims at stimulating the desire of the participants to change their behavior in the classroom. We look for educational programs that promote the development of teacher competences for creativity, sharing and collaboration. In the context of the strategic framework "Education and Training 2020", education, particularly contemporary Bulgarian Education, is in the foundation of the change. Creative teachers feel the change, use educational innovations, but they also must be able to manage it. This project is part of our quest in this direction.

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Address: 135 Evropa Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria
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