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Final Conference on Competences Learning at Secondary Schools-CL@SS project was held in Turkey on 28 September 2017 at Marmara University, Ataturk Educational Faculty.  

Before the Conference, all of the stakeholders, teachers, prospective teachers, principals, representatives of trade unions for education, parents, were informed by official invitations. Moreover, announcement was made via webpage of METEGDER and conference poster was publicized wherever target groups could recognize them. In addition, books (1 main book + 6 activity book) that were published as outputs of the project and other promotional items (pens, notebooks, files etc.) were prepared in order to hand in to participants.

Conference was initiated by official opening speech of the faculty dean, Ahmet Şükrü Özdemir, advisor of the project of Turkish side. Then, project coordinator, Şaban Berk, did a presentation on “The Logical and Scientific Background of the Project: What Social Skills are Needed While Teachers and Administrators are doing their Professions. Presentation of Berk lasted more than one hour and international and national literature were revived. After the presentation first part of the conference ended and a coffee break was taken for 15 minutes.

Second part of the conference was started with presentation of two trainers, Pınar Doğanyiğit and Cahide Sinem Düşmez, on “Project Outputs and Using of Web Sites” they emphasized how to use books and activities created during the project and how to use project webpages in order to make equip our students with social skills and get more benefit from recourses. After that, another project trainer, Mustafa Demirer gave a speech on “Using the Project’s outputs from Stakeholders-Next Steps.” Demirer explained how outputs of the project could be used through stakeholders and how to reach more target groups.

Conference was completed via Q&A session.

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