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On 8.9.2017 in Celje, Slovenia the Celje Youth Center (MCC), together with the Association for Social Pedagogy and the Secondary School for Nursing Celje, organized a conference with a workshop titled "Soft Skills in Formal Education".

The conference was one of the key events of the project Cl@SS - Competences Learning at Secondary Schools project, where the Celje Youth Center, in cooperation with international partners, the Central Health School Celje and the Velenje School Center, has developed a new methodology of soft skills in teaching in secondary schools.

At the conference were presented:
- key results and emphasis of the CL@SS project (Sonja Majcen, Celje Youth Center)
- learning soft skills through the perspective of group dynamics (Alja Zorman, teacher of Secondary School for Nursing Celje)
- reflection on the role of pedagogical staff at implementing soft skills in teaching (Karmen Mikek, trainer in the project CL@SS)
- theory of implementing methodology of teaching soft skills in formal education (Andreja Grobelšek, trainer in the project Cl@SS)
- online platform with the access to the database of activities (Katja Kolenc, project coordinator, Celjski mladinski center)
- presentation of good practices – implementing methodology of teaching soft skills into a teachers work (Danica Artnak, Maja Basle, mag. Monika Brglez, Marija Bec, Danijel Berden, all teachers of  Secondary School for Nursing Celje )

The 40 participants covered the entire geographical region of Slovenia as well as all levels of formal education from primary, secondary and tertiary education. Several Secondary School teachers who participated are a part of the Association of Social pedagogy. The conference was nationally covered and resulted in several inquiries to present the methodology and platform in other Schools, NGO’s and National Institute for Vocational Education.

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