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In the period 27-28.03.2017, at the Economical College of Mountainous Banat in Reșița was organized the second national workshop in the framework of the CL@SS project. The event lasted two days with 42 participants (project team, 2 students, one university teacher and 34 trained teachers). The programme of the workshop focused on the following issues: presentation of the results from the pilot testing of the transferred methodology in class, discussions, presentation of the feedback results from teachers and students, discussion about the didactic materials, presentation and discussion about newly created exercises, demo activity, presentation of the on-line database with activities and discussion of opportunities for future use and development of methodology after the end of project.

All the participants were very active during the activities and very positive after the piloting activity, mostly because they considered that students were very enthusiastic about the exercises. At the end, a discussion followed about the future use of the proposed pedagogical approach in classes. All teachers consider the new methodological approach to be of major importance for changing mentality and didactical activity in classes. It represents the proper tool for the new approach that currently is trying to be implemented in Romanian educational system: education focused on the beneficiary and on competences learning.

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