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In the framework of the CL@SS project, the Romanian partners have organized Information meetings for teachers and parents. At the University Eftimie Murgu in Reșița, in May 9-th 2016, was held one Information meeting with the participation of 63 teachers, headmasters and students from different schools in Reșița and also university professors and students. During October 2016 and January 2017, the Information meetings were focused on 225 parents (representatives from all classes), as target group. The aim of the Information meetings was to present general information about the CL@SS project and about the activities that will be carried out with the teachers and students in the following period. The project team presented the opportunity for the teachers to participate at the training courses and focused on raising their motivation to get involved in the piloting activity of the new didactical materials developed during the project. As for the parents, they were informed about the involvement of the students in this project, as target group and on the advantages of this project for the school, for the teachers and for the students (good key-competences, increased self-esteem and interest towards school subjects).

In October and December 2016, at the Economical College of Mountainous Banat were organized 3 Information campaigns for 121 students in the school, representatives from all classes. Flyers about the project were also distributed to different schools in the region, with the help of the trained teachers. The Information campaigns were organised to present the project and its objectives and to inform students about the aim of the pilot testing of the didactical materials, developed in the framework of the project.

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