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During 16-17.06.2016 and 22-23.06.2016, at the Economical College of Mountainous Banat Resita, there were organized 3 training courses for teachers within Erasmus + CL@SS project. The trainers were three of the teachers from the school: Soreanu Loredana, Oana T─âtaru and Marius Cornici, who attended the training course organized in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

CEBM launched the invitation to participate in this course to all the teachers concerned.  The three training courses were attended by 43 teachers from different schools in Resita and they were organized into 3 different groups. The course was conducted over a period of 2 days for each group and focused on one of the project’s targeted social competences, „Competence for effective communication”. The participants consider that the training was very useful for their teaching activity and they think that this king of activities should be organized more often and for all the teachers. They consider that the activities carried out were very dynamic, intense, good organized and planned. Teachers were glad that they had the occasion to share own opinion and to participate during all the activities.

We thank all participants for their commitment and positive attitude they have shown during activities!

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